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Gward an Aod : parcourir les mers et l'histoire


Gward an aod

Gward an Aod, standing for Coast-guards in Breton, is a young association aiming to promote and bring up to to date Breton maritime know-how as well as humanist value they go with.

Based in Kerlouan on the past of Pays Pagan - the pagan land -it bring together several reenactment groups and takes part in a series of scientific experiences called 'experimental archaeology'.
In close-knit relations with the Archaeosite Pont-Croix 1358, our aim is to bring back the fleet and Breton medieval maritime experience.

We are working on reconstructing a 14th century galley thanks to Brioc's endeavors and her crew.

Goal : Scotland!

The curragh Brioc has set off on its grand adventure to England to sail all the way up to Scotland!

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