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Brioc needs your help!

As you may have guessed, keeping Brioc is not free, on top of using up all our energy, she also uses up all of our savings! But the piggy- bank is not bottomless.

So, in order to be completely transparent, here is our budget and plans for our upcoming TROBRIOC E BREIZH VEUR:

Outfitting Brioc/ sails : 4000€

Modern security equipment : 2000€

Historical equipment : 2400€

Wages for the captain and expenses : 12 000€

Commercial cargo investment : 1000€

Logistical costs for 4 months : 2000€

Materials for the medieval hall : 5000€

Materials Aileach II : 15 000€

Carpenter labour costs : 45 000€

Video and recording equipment : 700€



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