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Tro Brioc e Breizh Veur

From Brittany to Scotland, through Wales and England

On the tracks of the Scottish Birlinns

Adventurous and curious about  a missing part of our Breton maritime history, we decided to turn our focus to our neighbours. Scotland is filled with representations of galleys built in the clinker style also found in Brittany and French sources in the Middle Ages.


With Brioc already, We feel the need to bring our maritime energy closer to the living history as it is done at archaeosite of Pont-Croix 1358 whom we have grown close to.


That is why we have turned to a replica of Aileach, a well-tested Scottish galley (many books have been written about it). The Lord of the isles Galley has become our goal after having compared its doability with our means and mostly our ability to sail her together!


So, if you are tempted by the adventure, don't hesitate! Support us with what you can, or come on board Brioc!
It is dear to our hearts that as many as possible can share into this adventure, which is why many different projects have also seen the light of day in parallel to TroBrioc. We have a documentary project following the whole expedition, an artistic project aiming to have an exhibition at the end of the adventures, and more importantly a continuous stream of videos documenting the project to the masses.


Still in this idea of having a vast amount of people contributing, we are planning on loading Brioc with goods representative of the medieval maritime trade. We will thus be taking on wine, pottery and goods made by our craftspeople. If you are interested in them, or you wish to have your goods transported by Brioc, get in touch with us!

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